Oil Portraits using the Blur Method

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Oil Portraits using the Blur Method

2 ratings

In this set of videos I explain and demonstrate a process that I'm calling the Blur Method. Here you will see me paint this portrait from beginning to end, telling you what I'm doing along the way.

I haven't seen this way of painting anywhere else.

Not only will you get faster results, you will also get improved accuracy and more of a likeness as you work from general approximations to specific details.

I cover:

  • Materials
  • Preparing the canvas (panel)
  • Palette and Colour mixing
  • How you can use technology as your assistant
  • And every brushstroke, with important teaching points along the way.

Although the full process requires an iPad running ProCreate (or equivalent) you will still learn a lot even if you work from printed photographs or from life.

In fact, I'm so convinced you will benefit from watching this video that if you don't, I'll happily give you a full refund. (I always offer this guarantee and I have never been asked for a refund yet!)

You will get:

  • Three videos (Introduction / Colour Mixing / The Painting) with a total running time of over 3 hours
  • The reference photo I used
  • A high-res image of my finished painting

All available to stream or download (download not available for rentals)

Let me help you create paintings you'll be proud of!

Happy Painting!


p.s. If you have any questions either before or after buying or renting this video, I'm only ever an email away: clive@clivebryant.com

What People Are Saying:

I bought this course about a week ago, watched it twice then, using what I learned, painted the best oil portrait I've done so far! The instruction is clear, thorough and engaging. The production values are excellent. I used GIMP on a Windows tablet. I highly recommend this course - it's superb value for money.
- M.M. (Dorset, UK)

This video didn't disappoint! The setup allowed me to see the palette and canvas at the same time. I could see the brush strokes easily. Clive's instructions were clear and concise, helping me understand the steps needed. Detailed demonstrations on painting eyes, nose, and mouth were especially helpful. 
- K.F. (Toronto, Canada)

I have looked at dozens and dozens of videos and yours are superb! Lots of learning by understanding. The use of Procreate tricks is definitely of great help in my painting practice. Thanks a lot. I now feel empowered to improve by myself.
- M.C. (Barcelona, Spain)
I want this!

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